So Import Atlanta meets up every first Thursday of every month at the place that has the worst food in Atlanta (and that's because I got sick there), which is the Varsity. Everyone knows where the Varsity is as well as the Varsity has a big parking lot with several great views of the city.

This was the second time of my going to "First Thursdays" and it's kind of like a free version of NOPI that's every month. Like NOPI, First Thursdays is mostly import vehicles with some lowriders, SUVs, motorcycles, etc. And the one thing I like is that it brings a mix of people together who likes cars.

Here's some photos...

A hot stealth car!!!! I do give credit when it's due.

Under the hood is sick...
I love that shade of blue. It's pretty...

I do hate body kits, but the kit on this stealth 350Z is hot. I'm not sure if you noticed, but I do have a thing for stealth vehicles.

I would love to test drive this vehicle... and I'm being serious.

This Jetta is for sale. I'm almost tempted to call up the owner to find out how much.

I was mad that the owner of this Accord decide to bumper butt the pickup truck so that I couldn't fully see the front. Grrrrrr....

Stealth vehicle shout-out number 3!!! I like where he decided to park, the brick wall with the graffiti. I may have to do a shoot there.

This is about 60% of First Thursday.

Three reasons why I love imports:

One: There's more aftermarket parts for them than any other type of vehicle.
Two: They're the only class of car in which a body kit looks GREAT with.
Three: It reminds me of the car scene on Long Island, New York.

For a few more photos from September's First Thursday, shimmy over to First Thursdays at the Varsity Gallery at

See you'se in October. First Thursday, not you guys. I'll see you'se tomorrow.