How is it that I get the okay to get the passes to cover the Dub Car show, but I get there, and my passes are not at will-call. This is the second time that that has happened. Honestly speaking, I'll deal with Dub in Atlanta and Charlotte, and when they're a smaller show inside of a mega show (like the New York Auto Show, Ocean City, and SEMA). But other than that, forget it. I'm not going to travel to cities (across the country) to not cover a show. Traveling from Atlanta to Los Angeles is not cheap at all.

I'm not mad at Dub as a company, I'm more heated at John- the media/events guy. I understand if you can't grant media access to every person who requests it. But look into those who request it. Yes, I may not be on the Motor Trend, Lowrider Magazine, etc level, however, my traffic is growing more and more. If I can get a pass for SEMA, and SEMA gives passes only to those in the automotive industry, surely I could get passes for DUB. I know there's people who have lifestyle publications, but with lifestyle magazines/blogs/etc, only one page or post is dedicated to cars. And I'm sure some of them got their coverage/credentials.

It was nice to see LA for the first time. But I didn't come out here to be a tourist. I came to cover a car show. I'm sure that half of the cars there were the same cars at SEMA, but the principle of the matter is that I travel across country to cover a show and had the rug pulled out from underneath me.

The next time I'm on the west coast, believe me when I say that I won't be here for a DUB show. It is what it is... I've noticed that I've been saying that a lot.