It took me FOREVER, but I found a couple of photos from the 2012 Houston Auto Show. As a photographer-- you know what, I shouldn't sell myself short. As a published photographer (that sounds better), I know a good photo when I see one. I know the difference between creative and "I don't know what I'm doing". I had the hardest time finding photos from the 2012 Houston Auto Show because I found photos from the Auto Show part, and they totally ignored Dub Car Show area, which isn't right. I don't live near Houston, I want to see the entire show. If it's two shows in one, show BOTH shows. But a few days ago, Dub finally released their photos. Thank you Jesus.

During the weekend of my birthday (Jan 25- 29), Houston threw their annual Auto Show, however this year was a little different. Like the Philly and New York Auto Shows, Dub teamed up with them and combined the two together. Of cource, that sucked for Dub- yes you do get a longer time period for a show (5 days), however you only get a piece of the show. In the past Dub has shut down an entire building and great cars have shown up. But I'm not Dub and I have no idea if the 2011 Dub Car Show in Houston had a great turnout. Judging by the photography, it looked like one, but by no means am I a CPA (Certified Public Accountant).

Luckily I was able to find photos provided by GregHTown through flickr (I liked his photos the most),, and Dub's Magazine's Flickr.

Houston Autoshow 2012 I really wished she dressed in her pin-upy look.

Houston Autoshow 2012 - Lexus LFA
The Lexus IFA looks good.

Houston Autoshow 2012 - Lexus LFA I like the exhaust. Normally, you don't see the three tailpipes making a pyramid.

Houston Autoshow 2012 I like her one dimple. I thought that was cute.

Houston Autoshow 2012

Houston Autoshow 2012 Of course I couldn't find any photos of the entire car

Houston Autoshow 2012 - Smurf Awwww....

Now for the real photos from Dub's flickr page...




DSC00214_JPG (My luxurious lover)


DSC00211_JPG (a little out of focus, but after seeing what Houston considers car show coverage, I can't be picky)







DSC00178_JPG (This lowrider can't get any lower)

DSC00182_JPG (Interesting...)

DSC00175_JPG (Do not touch)





DSC00086_JPG (Would have loved to see a full photo of the Range Rover)

Hey Houston, I'll see you at the Los Magnificos Car Show, and I've been practicing "Deep In the Heart of Texas".