YES!!!! Just the type of video I've been wanting to see. Although this video is four years old, it still gives a teaser behind the Lowriding Culture. I have a weird facination with lowriders, simply because it's virtually impossible to throw one together. It takes an incredible amount of time to customize one and they also have a great amount of detail to them.

Everything about this collage says LA, so I definitely know that Estevan Oriol shot it.
The world famous tattoo artist, Mister Cartoon teamed up with Danny Trejo, a world renown actor. The two have a great deal in common- aside from being from Los Angeles and having distinctive tattoos, they have a deep love for lowriders. Shot by Estevan Oriol, Danny Trejo Lowriding with Mister Cartoon is a great lifestyle video to give you a taste behind the art of Lowriding. And if you already saw it... watch it again.

Danny Trejo aka Machete lowriding with Mister Cartoon from SA Studios Global on Vimeo.

P.S. I really want to drive one. Of course I want to ride in a lowrider, but driving one and operating the hydraulics at the same time would be interesting. And I mean a real lowrider, one from the late 50s- early 60s.